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Setting A Spending Limit

One of the keys to enjoying gambling is to make sure that your spending on gaming remains within your means. This is true of all leisure pursuits; the difference being that with gambling you also have the possibility of winning far more cash than you put into it to add to the excitement. There are a number of ways that you can manage your finances while playing; one of which is to work out limits for each wager you make. This just means taking the total amount that you want to spend per session, say £100 and dividing by the number of plays that you think you'll have in the time you'll be playing. So, if your spending limit is £100 and you think you'll place 10 bets during your gaming session, then that would work out as £10 maximum per bet. If you want to place more bets than that, you could double your plays to 20 at £5 per bet. There are lots of variations, of course, and you can match your personal bet limits to the type of games you are playing and how you like to play. Having a strategy simply helps you to manage your playing finances, and helps to make sure that your spending does not go beyond what is comfortably affordable for you. Sites such as betfair allow you to set your own personal betting limits; which can be adjusted as and when your funds do. Have a look to see what options are available to you, to help you manage your bankroll. For example; if you are on a winning streak, you may decide to increase your limits and then perhaps decrease them back to your regular levels at a later date if needed. The choice and control of when and how much you bet is all yours. Follow the link to put these tips in to practice at Betfair.

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Last updated 31st January 2011